Sports activities are an integral part of our Gathering Place programs. They build friendships and togetherness when played with the understanding that it is not always about winning.


To participate in sports activities, Gathering Place members agree to comply to a code of conduct expected of followers of Christ, which states, among other things:

  • Dress appropriately and modestly at all games.
  • No shirtless tops for both brothers and sisters.
  • Avoid foul language before, during and after the sports activity.
  • Avoid sarcasm and teasing of others at sports activities.
  • Participate in set up and clean up at sports activities.
  • Demonstrate a great sense of sportsmanship.

Members who agree to and abide by these rules are invited to participate in the following games:

Indoor Gym

  • Weights
  • Exercise Groups

Indoor Recreation

  • Table Tennis
  • Foosball Table
  • Board Game
  • Card Games

Outdoor Recreation

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Football


Dances & Socials

Temple Trips


Cultural Events